Killer Examples of Responsive Web Design

Making sure a client’s website looks good is no longer the main focus for web designers and developers. It has to work on multiple devices from PCs, to smartphones, to tablets, and let’s not forget about notebooks. The birth of so many new devices over the past few years created the need for responsive web design

Our website is an example of responsive design, but here are some additional examples of ...

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Social Network Analysis and Social Networks

social networks

Social networks have revolutionized the way the world communicates, allowing a rapid exchange of information and culture. The twenty-first century is characterized by new technologies in transportation and communication that shrunk the world making it possible for individuals that were geographically far apart from each other to be within close proximity in a short amount of time.

We are embedded within our ...

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Unleashing Your Maximum Potential

characteristics of an entrepreneur

We all make mistakes, but when this happens do you only focus on what’s wrong with yourself and how bad you are, or do you accept the mistake as a part of your overall growth process? Every positive thing you say to yourself builds on a positive foundation of self esteem and forms the way you and others see ...

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How to Make a Website Traffic Map

website traffic mapBy now you should be utilizing multiple points of attack in your marketing strategy and if a website traffic map isn’t included in your arsenal, by the end of this post it will be. With so many sources of website traffic it’s important to have a clear plan of attach from the beginning which makes it easier to make ...

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Serious Social Media for Business

social mediaThe Internet, with it’s chat rooms and message boards eventually gave birth to Social Media. Before the age of the Internet, we gathered to share our passions and stories. If we stop right there you can see how drastically social media had impacted the way we as humans and as businesses interact with each other.

Social Media Basics

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How to Build a Successful Small Business Website

small business website

With so many websites online these days, simply launching a small business website isn’t enough. Your website has to deliver results and stand out from your competition. Here are  a few tips that any small business owner should keep in mind before launching their small business website.

First things first, hire a designer. Although there are many online services that try to ...

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