Search Engine Report: How Google Works

Have you ever wondered how Google works? Or what determines which websites get ranked for popular keyword searches? Today we will go back in time to learn what makes Google tick.

Anyone with a website knows that Google is the most dominant search engine out there and if you can rank well within this search engine it could equate to more website traffic and interest in your website and ultimately increased sales.

Google Matt Cutts explains how Google search actually works. Matt ...

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Website Monetization: Make Your Website a Money Maker

cheap web design

Are you a successful brick and mortar business owner? Are you now thinking of competing with the industry giants on a global scale? Looking for the perfect opportunity to cash in on and boost your business sales? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this post is a must read for you!

If you are looking forward to giving your competition a run for their money, then it’s time ...

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Penguin 2.0: Google and SEO in Summer 2013

As you might have noticed, SEO as we know it has begun to change from strategies centered on link building to ones focused more serving up relative and engaging content. Any SEO worth their salt knew this from the beginning but many people have been duped by shady SEO’s promising overnight results. We all knew it’s been coming for some time now and the warnings have been going out since late 2011 but in the summer of 2013 we will ...

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Social Media: What’s in it for Businesses

social media

The rapid increase in Internet competition has made it difficult for businesses to maintain and sustain a business edge. To ensure this, businesses along with a visually appealing website also need to have a strong and an impactful social media presence on all popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Today, social media, what was previously considered as a passing fad, has now become one of the most effective marketing and ...

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How Small Businesses Can Increase Website Traffic

If you have a website, you know that website traffic and ranking can be very important to the success of your small business. What strategy should you use to beat your larger competitors websites? Matt Cutts, Google software engineer and now head of webspam at Google shows you how to increase website traffic and compete with big business online.

It’s not impossible for your small business webiste to outrank and even surpass those of big businesses. In the world of martial ...

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Aloha Also Means Web Design in Honolulu Hawaii

Renowned for it’s beautiful sandy beaches and paradise-like lifestyle, web design in Honolulu Hawaii is a new and evolving service provided by a handful of web designers on the island. Aloha is a Hawaiian word meaning hello, goodbye and I love you. After living in Honolulu for the past few years, I’ve learned that the term Aloha can be applied to anything you do. We call it doing it with Aloha or living Aloha.

The Aloha State

Hawaii officially became known as ...

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We’ve Done it Again: Another Satisfied Web Design Client

The Applied Visual is proud to announce another satisfied web design client. Crecon360 creative think-tank based in Atlanta, GA providing consultation on any creative project. This company selected us to develop their website and a long-term plan of SEO and search marketing services. Their photography work is so bold and innovative we chose to let their work and extensive client list speak for itself. Crecon360 has worked with such names in the entertainment industry as Young ...

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Your Guide to The Social Media Revolution

social media

Every successful business must come to terms with marketing. In order to realize any significant success, a business has to implement a comprehensive marketing plan. Increasingly, social media marketing is an important component of any marketing strategy.

Because of the rapid growth of social sites, not every business is prepared to acknowledge just how important maintaining a marketing presence on the ...

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