Our Design Approach

The Applied Visual is a branding design agency providing comprehensive solutions for your business brand
developing and strengthening the connections to your customer.

Telling your story is our most important job.

The components of a successful branding design strategy begin with gathering information that will produce a more polished version of your company brand. This optimized version will establish your brand an an authority in your industry.

Design and Marketing Process

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

–Albert Einstein

Initial Consultation

As easy as design and marketing may seem, it’s actually a very detailed process that begins with you. In this beginning step we establish and discuss the scope of your project. Once we have a firm understanding of it’s function, then we can begin to outline it’s form. Consultation is often underrated but it’s one of the most vital parts of any process.

Research & Conceptualization

Now we being to translate the function into the form of your marketing campaign or design project. This is an incredibly important part of the creative process, since it builds the framework of the final product. 

Competitive Analysis

Now for a look at your competition. Awareness of both strengths and weakness of your competition can save time and money since our goal is to outperform and outrank them. Regardless of who you’re up against, our competitive analysis will help you find out the best way to take the biggest possible slice of your market.


Now it’s time to put it all to work and build your website, graphic, or marketing campaign based on your needs, specs, and timeline. We build then we test for accuracy, responsiveness, functionality, and easy of use. We are here to make sure you’re satisfied and we believe in keeping you involved in the process to ensure both satisfaction and quality.


We’ve planned, built, and made adjustments. However, our job isn’t quite done: We’ll stick by you as long as you need us, and are available to support you on an ongoing basis offering monthly maintenance packages so you can focus on growth.