Making Beautiful Things Work

In 2008, The Applied Visual began as a web design and branding company with an emphasis on customer service. Since it’s initial launch in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Applied Visual has helped transition hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses into the digital world with great success.

We understand that our clients need a winning strategy if they want to compete – and win – online. Our services begin with a simple one-on-one consultation evolving into a complete business marketing solution.



Why The Applied Visual?

las vegas seoWe commit to the success of our clients by practicing an ethical workflow and adhering to strict guidelines. Excellence is a mark we strive to hit with consistent accuracy beginning with outstanding customer service. A rising tide floats all boats and we want to succeed with you as we both perform better than our competitors. There are many design, marketing and consulting companies to choose from and choosing a company to work with is a difficult decision. The good part is that once you choose us, your search is over.