Search Engine Report: How Google Works

Have you ever wondered how Google works? Or what determines which websites get ranked for popular keyword searches? Today we will go back in time to learn what makes Google tick.

Anyone with a website knows that Google is the most dominant search engine out there and if you can rank well within this search engine it could equate to more website traffic and interest in your website and ultimately increased sales.

Google Matt Cutts explains how Google search actually works. Matt also breaks down the ‘Google Dance’ that most of us have experienced but never really understood. With the new Google Penguin 2.0 update, this short video will help you keep your website Penguin-proof and ready to face any updates Google may throw at you.

Here’s a brief summary of what Matt talks about in describing how Google works:

  • Crawling and Analysis
  • Crawling Timelines
  • Google Dance
  • Indexing and Filtering
  • Ranking Signals
  • Page Rank


I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and are more enlightened about the process of how Google works. If you’re still confused or have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


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