Why SEO Friendly Content Always Wins

Great SEO friendly content stems from having a way with words. Excellent sales or blog content stems from a clear vision of the desired end result. This vision also allows the reader to follow you to the main point via titles, subheads, and clear messages or signals throughout. This clarity is what makes content go viral.

Between Bots and Humans

The most challenging obstacle that anyone faces while staring at a blank screen is creating a happy medium between content that is captivating and SEO friendly. The old practice was to stuff the article with as many keywords as possible to place emphasis on them but this made it awkward for real people to read. The quest to create SEO friendly content made it difficult to follow the natural tendency to just write and not really focus on what a robot may think.

In the middle of both there is a sweet-spot where all is right with humans and bots. The primary focus should always be on your reader because in the end, your readers are the ones you want to convert into customers. The bot requirements are minimal and for Google, and the other host of bots that scan our pages, it’s more about placement not repetition.

Know the Meaning

So why is it so important that the content be SEO friendly? If the article is great with a clear message and captivates the reader isn’t that the main point. No. The main point is to increase awareness, traffic, and sales. If we still relied on newspapers and magazines then yes, content would be the only focused. But we live in a connected world where it seems like every mobile phone is connected to some social network or the Internet at the very least.

It comes down to the question of would you choose a minimal amount of exposure or the greatest amount. Most will choose the greatest amount and this is where SEO friendly content comes into play. With proper SEO optimization it can be the difference between a handful of people responding or an overflow of leads and sales.

Tips for Awesome SEO Friendly Content

When you sit down to write; first think. Have a clear content structure and go back to the days of your early English classes. Ask yourself, after reading your article, what would you want the reader to do? Take notes on these points because they will guide you in making the right choice in your writing. Begin with a short catchy introduction, then continue to the body of the article, then move on to a brief conclusion that summarizes the body and reinforces your original point.

One great way to stay on track is to create an outline of your intro, body and conclusion. The body is where the majority of the content will be written so outlining is an effective way to stay on topic. Paragraphs break up the main points of the body or any topic by giving each talking point it’s own paragraph. New idea; new paragraph.

Keep in mind that your focus keyword should appear naturally within the content. The general rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t make sense naturally, don’t force it to fit. It’s much better to have your potential client understand your message than it would be to stuff your content and lose your reader. This is why keyword stuffed content with no flow rarely goes viral or anywhere else for that matter. Hence, the title of this article “SEO friendly content”, not SEO dominant content.

There’s Always a Flip Side

There is a flip side. Let’s say your content has flow, is captivating, and very informative. SEO friendly content needs all of this in addition to the technical ingredients that could maximize your efforts. Technical ingredients you say, what might they be? Your keywords, preferably long-tail, should be contained in the title, description, but also in your subheads and sprinkled tastefully in the body of your content. And please, don’t forget about the image ALT tags of any images you use.

The era of blatant SEO tricks is over; or at least has transformed. Great SEO content, like always is King and will remain on the stage. Once this principal is understood, you won’t believe how easy it is to create SEO friendly content that introduces your brand to the world.


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