Creating Viral Content With YouTube Video Categories

Experts say that a successful viral video content strategy makes clever use of the YouTube video categories list. But where exactly is this coveted YouTube video categories list outside of the upload area around info and settings.

Go Viral With Less

YouTube uses 15 video categories to serve video content uploaded at a rate of 300 hours per second. Currently, YouTube no longer allows a user to filter search content by category. The advantage to sorting by video category was the search volume number which helped video content producers to attack categories that had lower search volume in hopes of going viral. For example, the Entertainment category is so saturated, it would be impossible to hit the first ten search results for your video, but it’s in this category that most viral content lives. Let’s say you have the next viral pet video, the work-around is to upload under the category Pet & Animals which has less channels and search results. It will be easier to get to the top of a shorter list.

YouTube Category List:

  1. Autos & Vehicles
  2. Comedy
  3. Education
  4. Entertainment
  5. Film & Animation
  6. Gaming
  7. Howto & Style
  8. Music
  9. News & Politics
  10. Nonprofits &Activism
  11. People & Blogs
  12. Pets & Animals
  13. Science & Technology
  14. Sports
  15. Travel & Events

 Viral Freefall

Having chosen a YouTube video category with a conquerable number of channels and search results for your video content, what next? What you don’t do is leave it alone. People think there is a magical YouTube viral monster that picks and chooses what video content will be the next to join the 1,000,000 view club. Well, that’s one theory. The other is based on a planned campaign with the video placed carefully on a platform that can launch it to stardom.

Your video content should never be thought of as a standalone marketing effort that will succeed on its own. When you see popular videos that have gone viral it’s a result of months of planning and relationship management with influencers across social media networks. Influencer support is replicated in conjunction with the video upload and this begins to generate traction. The idea is to capture one of the top ten results when a search is returned for the category you chose. If it makes it to the top of this list, this is where your video content begins to go viral.

Nothing Kills Video Content Faster Than

Improper labeling is often the killer of once promising content. While you may not be able to search the YouTube video categories list, you can successfully navigate search result to extract the data you need. There’s only one chance to get it right, so maximize your efforts with unconventional thinking and practice.


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