converting leads into sales

Converting Leads Into Sales and Customers Into Loyal Followers

Every business whether new or old has the goal of converting leads into sales. While generating traffic in-store and online are the initial goals for budding or failing businesses, ultimately, your customers need to give you money. How much money and how often they give it to you depends on your product or service and how it’s presented.

Converting Leads Into Sales Means Listening

converting leads into salesOne basic skill that many ...

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Michael Jordan Advertising Genius Does It Again

Michael Jordan knows advertising. Jordan is an advertising bull, and in his latest collaboration with Gatorade, he plays off the unifying factor in all physical activity; sweat. Titled “We Love Sweat”, Jordan does a mesmerizing voiceover claiming, “Not all sweat is created equal”. By speaking to the level of dedication required to perfect your craft, Jordan masterfully and indirectly issues a challenge to make every drop of sweat count. “Sweat lost, is strength gained”, ...

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going viral

Going Viral on Twitter

Let’s face it, if you create content for the Internet you’re secret untold desire was that it went viral. That’s because going viral is the ultimate goal of anyone wanting to get noticed. Phenomena like Psy’s Gangnam style (which recently hit over 2 billion views) or any of the many crazy/cute pet videos have made millions by going viral. When content goes viral it quickly circles the globe crossing all cultural practice and borders.

The thought of viral content immediately brings ...

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hawaii web design

Content Marketing in 4 Steps

content marketing

Increased competition has made it tougher for businesses to score high quality projects. Today, clients are under more pressure to create results and can’t afford to take a gamble on creative services. A smart business owner needs these services, but they want to pay less, often times because they don’t know where to start and that can be pricey.

Content marketing is ...

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social media hawaii

Social Media: Bully or Lifesaver

social media hawaii

One theme seems to be uniform when I speak with clients about their small business needs and aspirations; technology is overwhelming. The Internet and social media have single-handedly changed the way we communicate and do business.

In 2007, I remember talking to clients about the need to create a strong online presence integrated with social media. No matter how many facts ...

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outsource social media

Should Small Business Owners Outsource Social Media Services?

Are you a business owner with a small team? Do you feel that your social media marketing activities take too much time? If you’ve nodded affirmatively, then it’s time to outsource professional services to do the job.

Many businesses don’t realize the value of outsourcing social media. If they find social media management time consuming, they would rather compromise and interact less on social pages ...

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How to Increase Website Traffic Using Pinterest

how to increase website traffic

Are you wondering how to increase website traffic to your blog? Do you wish to increase your blog’s readership? If these are the questions needing answers, then its time you took advantage of Pinterest to attract and drive heavy website traffic in the fastest time. Yes, you got that right! Pinterest is a social sharing network that has gained huge popularity in a short time span.

Recent Facts about ...

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Website Monetization: Make Your Website a Money Maker

cheap web design

Are you a successful brick and mortar business owner? Are you now thinking of competing with the industry giants on a global scale? Looking for the perfect opportunity to cash in on and boost your business sales? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this post is a must read for you!

If you are looking forward to giving your competition a run for their money, then it’s time ...

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