The Power of Utility Marketing

Developing a strategic marketing plan and then advertising that plan effectively is always a challenge no matter what audience you target. There are times when your audience just doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. Utility marketing is a strategy that aims to help brands stay relevant in times of low traction.

Utility marketing is simply offering something relevant and useful to your target audience free of charge. Wait, free of charge? Yes, free of charge. Customers love free stuff, so why not give it to them. You’ve heard of BOGO and MOGO, but what about GOGO, the Give One Get One way. If you are able to create an offer or giveaway of value it will begin to build brand loyalty with your customers.

That’s the power of utility marketing, finding something your customers can use and providing it free of charge. This puts you in a position of relevance, enhances your reputation and increases your brand value. Slow and steady wins the race, so focus on building brand loyalty not selling.

What hurts your brand is that your potential customers don’t know your brand. Utility marketing aims to  make you know by offering what people want. Whether it’s information, access, or a physical product, your customers will become loyal if you help them solve a problem or enhance their lives in some way.

For example, a dog walking service could make YouTube videos on dog training. The key takeaway here is that you find something related to your product or service and discover supporting products or information that potential customers can use. How many times have you had to give up an email address to get a report or guide you really needed? This is utility marketing at work.

Utility Marketing in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Define your target audience. Are they adventurous, frugal, techie?
  2. Where do their interests link up with your brand? What product, service or knowledge would benefit them. You should deb able to find some overlap of what they like and what you can offer.
  3. What needs relate to those interests?
  4. Now, the fun part, make content or create experiences to meet those needs. This, embeds  you in their lives.


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