utility marketing

The Power of Utility Marketing

Developing a strategic marketing plan and then advertising that plan effectively is always a challenge no matter what audience you target. There are times when your audience just doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. Utility marketing is a strategy that aims to help brands stay relevant in times of low traction.

Utility marketing is simply offering something relevant and useful to your target audience free of charge. Wait, free of charge? Yes, free of charge. Customers love free ...

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bitcoin seo

Bitcoin SEO and the Cryptocurrency Blockchain 1of 2

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain Ethereal Altcoins Fintech – Chances are you’ve heard of one or all of these terms and wondered what the… Did you know that the way we exchange value and make decisions in our legal systems, corporation structures, trade systems and marketplaces are about to fundamentally change? This new era being ushered in will be brought to us by the blockchain which is the technology that Bitcoin has been riding to the ...

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successful business

The Business of the Successful Mind


When someone is a success in business or life in general, observers want to know their secret. Although many make the mistake of wanting to copy that formula verbatim in hopes of achieving the same success, this rarely works for most people because we are all unique and complete with our own formula.

Copying someone else’s formula exactly may surely lead to disaster but there are common mindsets and ideals that can be followed closely to give birth ...

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Unleashing Your Maximum Potential

characteristics of an entrepreneur

We all make mistakes, but when this happens do you only focus on what’s wrong with yourself and how bad you are, or do you accept the mistake as a part of your overall growth process? Every positive thing you say to yourself builds on a positive foundation of self esteem and forms the way you and others ...

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