Penguin 2.0: Google and SEO in Summer 2013

As you might have noticed, SEO as we know it has begun to change from strategies centered on link building to ones focused more serving up relative and engaging content. Any SEO worth their salt knew this from the beginning but many people have been duped by shady SEO’s promising overnight results. We all knew it’s been coming for some time now and the warnings have been going out since late 2011 but in the summer of 2013 we will finally see Google implement some of the SEO changes they’ve been preaching about.

In the summer of 2013 Google will be releasing Penguin 2.0. This is following the dreaded Penguin 1.0 release that came out not long ago and totally shook up the world of shady SEO and spam link building. Many SEO’s were selling link packages that consisted of thousands of irrelevant links claiming that they would drastically improve a website’s search engine result. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Sites that bought these links saw drastic decreases in SERP’s or were completely wiped off the face of Google for search terms they did well for in the past.

In a recent video, Matt Cutts, Google software engineer describes what will take place in the summer of 2013 when Google rolls out it’s Penguin 2.0 release.

Here are some of the points Matt  talks about and how to avoid being on the wrong side of this release:

  • As always, if your website if serving fresh relevant content you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just remain consistent and uniform in your content release and offer compelling and interesting content.
  • Advertorials that violate quality guidelines. Here Matt talks about paid advertising where website pay for advertising from high ranking website to pass along page rank. This has always been a no-no and Penguin 2.0 is coming to get you.
  • That package of  spam links you bought so you could get thousands of links thinking that the more links you have the better are going bye bye. If you’re still doing this, stop it. In the long run you’re going to end up paying more to get rid of those links that you paid for them.
  • Lastly, websites that show a cluster of search results for terms beyond the first page will see a decrease in results in the following search engine pages.

Without further adieu, Matt Cutts and Penguin 2.0:

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