How to Make a Website Traffic Map

website traffic mapBy now you should be utilizing multiple points of attack in your marketing strategy and if a website traffic map isn’t included in your arsenal, by the end of this post it will be. With so many sources of website traffic it’s important to have a clear plan of attach from the beginning which makes it easier to make adjustments and analyze your traffic sources.

Constructing a Website Traffic Map

A website traffic map is a tool you can use to analyze your traffic sources and can also be used as a backlinking map to keep track of your backlink sources. This tool can also be a clear roadmap to follow in your daily process of promoting your website. It also allows you to identify new sources of website traffic to target or areas where your traffic strategy may be lacking.

website traffic map

This is a straight-forward tool that any website should be utilizing to maximize their online presence and identify holes in their current traffic strategy. This website traffic map took me about 30 mins to create and clearly identifies the methods we use to funnel traffic to our website. Most websites have an idea of where their traffic comes from, and it’s floating around in their heads somewhere but your website traffic map is like having GPS in a new city.


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