How to Generate Free Local SEO Website Traffic

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With so many small businesses operating these days many internet marketers and business owners have integrated local SEO and local targeted organic website traffic into their marketing campaigns. In the United States alone there are an estimated 30 million small businesses with the majority of their first time customers finding their business on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

No longer can local visibility be ignored if you want to stay ahead of your competition and keep your products flying off the shelves.  A local search engine optimization strategy will help home businesses and large corporations alike.  Your strategy doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be effective. If you apply these easy steps, you can increase your website traffic which will in turn increase your foot traffic of first time customers walking through your door.

Local SEO Website Traffic Requires Lots of Cash

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, you can throw a lot of money at paid advertising like Google AdWords but why choose this strategy when you can immediately increase your website traffic and foot traffic by using simple free methods. Now, when I say free I mean this strategy won’t cost you any out-of pocket expense, but it will cost you some time, which, if you have a home business or a brick and mortar small business you’re already used to doing all the work for yourself anyway.

People don’t but what they need, they buy what they want.

Customers buy when they know you, trust you, and like you.

It’s all about visibility in business. Once you’ve created a value added product or service, it’s all about repetition and visibility. The more places you advertise your brand, the more your customers will feel comfortable about making an investment with you. You ever wonder why you see some of the same old commercials again and again? It’s not that there aren’t other advertisers vying for that ad spot, but the advertiser knows repetition turns into sales.

The more you see an add, the more likely you are to buy that product or use that service. Every time you see the add it builds upon your relationship with the brand and product. People don’t but what they need, they buy what they want. Customers buy when they know you, trust you, and like you. That’s why the concept of “likes” is so important to FaceBook and the billions they make off of advertising. But remember, the marketplace only pays for “value.”


Free Local SEO = Website Traffic =$

Without spending large amounts of money on Google or FaceBook you can drive more targeted traffic to your website or business by using this simple tactic. Business listings are a great way to get your business listed in directories and the best part is these listings get indexed in search engines which can bring even more targeted traffic.

Implementing this tactic should only take an hour or so and the results can be immediate. I recently completed a website consultation for a small business and advised them to get their business listed in the following business and city directories and within 3 hours two customers called and we’re in the store later that day. Always remember to think like your customers. This is just a small list of some of the most popular business and city directories that are free to sign up for and get listed on. The best thing about using these types of listings is the potential customer or client is already looking to buy.


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  1. Steven  August 31, 2012

    Nice post, I don’t think the importance of local SEO for small businesses can be overstated. As more and more people use the internet to find products or services that they need anyone not optimised for local searches is going to leave a lot of money on the table.


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