Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

beginners guide social media

Social media has revolutionized our lives in every sense. While it has changed the way people socialize and communicate, it has also changed the way businesses interact with their target customers and prospects. During the past few years, social media has had a huge and positive impact on marketing and brand awareness campaigns, and ultimately the sales and revenue earned by the company.

The best part about social media is that it can help a business
reach a broader market on a global level.

However, none of these benefits are possible without proper understanding of several different social media platforms popular today. So, here is a short introduction and description of four of the top most social media platforms these days.

The Heavy Hitters of Social Media


Facebook is definitely the new face of business, and with a professionally created profile your business can get a whole new personality as well. What makes it extremely efficient is its extensive user base of 900 million users around the world. There are plenty of business friendly features on Facebook.

As more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, the competition is getting tough. However, businesses can create more eye catching profile pages to grab their customer’s attention. Moreover, you can further engage and involve your customers by creating addictive applications, interesting polls and conducting fun surveys.


Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging site. All you can do on twitter is share updates that cannot exceed the limit of 140 characters. Despite the restriction, Twitter has been a crucial force behind online popularity and brand awareness of thousands of businesses and companies around the world.

Through twitter, you can instantly share news, links, offers and promotions with thousands of customers and prospects in one go. While you can use plenty of applications to maximize your Twitter benefits, the first thing you should do is get a professionally created and managed profile.


Tumblr can appropriately be defined as a mix of social networking and micro-blogging platform. Yet, it is quite different from either Facebook or Twitter. Many marketing experts consider it the next big thing in social media as it has shown a staggering 900% growth in just one year. Tumblr offers an opportunity to become as creative as users can.

It starts from choosing an appropriate and interesting Tumblr and stretches a long way. It is a more user friendly place where businesses focus more on building a happier and more personal relationship with their customers. So, Tumblr is not just about building a brand but also about creating a personality for your business.

Linked In

Unlike other social networks on the list, LinkedIn is strictly professional and that is what businesses truly love about it. The need to interact with customers on a personal level does not eliminate the necessity of promoting and maintaining a professional image of your business. There are around 161 million members on LinkedIn and a thousand more are joining every day.

The reason behind LinkedIn’s popularity is the way it has facilitated the recruitment process and helped businesses find corporate clients and partners. Many of the features including LinkedIn Groups help business establish their credibility as experts in the industry. So, if you need a powerful tool to strengthen your public and professional image at the same time, LinkedIn may be very well be an excellent place to start.

Mentioned above is only the cream of the crop but there are several other social networks and platforms that offer effective marketing opportunities. Creating a powerful and professional profile is crucial to your social media success. However, creating an efficient profile is not quite possible without professional expertise and experience in this regard.

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