Face facts! Appearance matters.
Clients prefer and trust companies that have experience and look polished!
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The Applied Visual offers unique, creative, and professional graphic design services. We are known and appreciated for our honesty, integrity and dependability, which are the pillars of our business. We specialize in providing graphic design solutions that creatively incorporate all the aspects of visual communication that strengthen not only your corporate image and brand, but your communiqué. Whether it’s a logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, banner or anything you can think of that’s related to graphics – We can do it!


Graphic Design: Services

The image of your company ripples through every aspect of communication you have with your clients. So, it’s crucial that you hire a professional graphic designer that can give you the visual impact you need. From your corporate identity and logo, to your printed materials and even your web presence, they all determine your value and credibility in the market place.

Graphic Design: Logo

A logo is much more than just a symbol or a trademark that is associated with your brand. It is there to empower your values and capture the very essence of your identity. Logos are designed primarily to capture your client’s attention and more importantly, to sustain it. Check out our Logo Design Service

Graphic Design: Banners

Never miss out on an opportunity to grab the attention of the unsuspecting public whether indoors or out. Both online and printed banners are perfect for product launches, store openings, event promotions, business advertising and various other occasions where grabbing the attention of the public is crucial.

Graphic Design: Business Cards

A typical business card is an important element when it comes to visual identity for your brand. It is more than just an aid for contact information. It’s the perfect marketing tool representing your brand to potential clients. The design on your business card not only highlights your products or services, but reveals your personal image.

Graphic Design: Brochures

To determine the success of your business, the quality of your marketing communication has to be exceptional. Brochures offer in-depth information about your services or products. Usually compact and light, corporate brochures allow your potential clients to leisurely read the information while they’re on the move.

Graphic Design: Flyers

With the help of creative flyers, businesses have always been able to effectively market their brand. It is one of the most successful marketing strategies out there. Having custom flyer design that is attractive, eye catching and has the ability to make the most of your marketing and advertising efforts is vital.

So, if you’re looking for professionals to get the job done right, contact us to discuss how we can make beautiful things
work for you.