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Why SEO Friendly Content Always Wins

Great SEO friendly content stems from having a way with words. Excellent sales or blog content stems from a clear vision of the desired end result. This vision also allows the reader to follow you to the main point via titles, subheads, and clear messages or signals throughout. This clarity is what makes content go viral.

Between Bots and Humans

The most challenging obstacle that anyone faces while staring at a blank screen is creating a happy medium between content that ...

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Creating Viral Content With YouTube Video Categories

Experts say that a successful viral video content strategy makes clever use of the YouTube video categories list. But where exactly is this coveted YouTube video categories list outside of the upload area around info and settings.

Go Viral With Less

YouTube uses 15 video categories to serve video content uploaded at a rate of 300 hours per second. Currently, YouTube no longer allows a user to filter search content by category. The advantage to sorting by video category was the search ...

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How to Rank Content Without Backlinks

Over the past 10 years, backlinks and a continued link building strategy has been emphasized as for the ranking of small and large websites alike. But, what about newly created websites or sites with little to no backlinks that seem to rise quickly in search results? Is there some secret “new” code that they’ve cracked? No, the answer is simple; their focus is on content marketing.

Content Still Wears the Crown

With regard to search engines, the more ...

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social media hawaii

Social Media: Bully or Lifesaver

social media hawaii

One theme seems to be uniform when I speak with clients about their small business needs and aspirations; technology is overwhelming. The Internet and social media have single-handedly changed the way we communicate and do business.

In 2007, I remember talking to clients about the need to create a strong online presence integrated with social media. No matter how many facts ...

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Misconceptions About SEO and Google Updates

Since the newest Google update of Penguin 2.0 there have been many questions and concerns from SEO’s and website owners about where to focus their energies and budgets to maximize results. As always, if you’re focused on serving up great content that keeps your readers engaged then you will have no problems with this or any other update Google may throw at you.

Matt Cutts, head of Google search spam, released a great video talking about misconceptions in the SEO industry. ...

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Search Engine Report: How Google Works

Have you ever wondered how Google works? Or what determines which websites get ranked for popular keyword searches? Today we will go back in time to learn what makes Google tick.

Anyone with a website knows that Google is the most dominant search engine out there and if you can rank well within this search engine it could equate to more website traffic and interest in your website and ultimately increased sales.

Google Matt Cutts explains how Google search actually works. Matt ...

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Penguin 2.0: Google and SEO in Summer 2013

As you might have noticed, SEO as we know it has begun to change from strategies centered on link building to ones focused more serving up relative and engaging content. Any SEO worth their salt knew this from the beginning but many people have been duped by shady SEO’s promising overnight results. We all knew it’s been coming for some time now and the warnings have been going out since late 2011 but in the summer of 2013 we will ...

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List of Paid and Free Directories

The Exclusive List of Paid and Free Directories

One of the first things you should do when trying to gain link popularity and search engine ranking is submit your site to both paid and free directories. Our team put in some hours to find this list of paid and free directories out of a list of hundreds so you can easily find the best directories to submit your site to.

Bookmark this page for your future references.

Also, place a link to this page on your site, so your ...

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