utility marketing

The Power of Utility Marketing

Developing a strategic marketing plan and then advertising that plan effectively is always a challenge no matter what audience you target. There are times when your audience just doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. Utility marketing is a strategy that aims to help brands stay relevant in times of low traction.

Utility marketing is simply offering something relevant and useful to your target audience free of charge. Wait, free of charge? Yes, free of charge. Customers love free ...

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seo authority

What Makes Your Website an SEO Authority

SEO authority is what transforms an ordinary website into an online whale? We tend to listen to people or groups that we feel have a proven track-record in certain subject or a proven bank account. When this trust is established consumers happily invest because everyone wants to be with a winner.

Say it with Authority

A website that’s considered an SEO authority is a recognized leader in their particular niche. Reviews have become a growing method for businesses to ...

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converting leads into sales

Converting Leads Into Sales and Customers Into Loyal Followers

Every business whether new or old has the goal of converting leads into sales. While generating traffic in-store and online are the initial goals for budding or failing businesses, ultimately, your customers need to give you money. How much money and how often they give it to you depends on your product or service and how it’s presented.

Converting Leads Into Sales Means Listening

converting leads into salesOne basic skill that many ...

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bitcoin seo

Bitcoin SEO and the Cryptocurrency Blockchain 1of 2

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain Ethereal Altcoins Fintech – Chances are you’ve heard of one or all of these terms and wondered what the… Did you know that the way we exchange value and make decisions in our legal systems, corporation structures, trade systems and marketplaces are about to fundamentally change? This new era being ushered in will be brought to us by the blockchain which is the technology that Bitcoin has been riding to the ...

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seo friendly content

Why SEO Friendly Content Always Wins

Great SEO friendly content stems from having a way with words. Excellent sales or blog content stems from a clear vision of the desired end result. This vision also allows the reader to follow you to the main point via titles, subheads, and clear messages or signals throughout. This clarity is what makes content go viral.

Between Bots and Humans

The most challenging obstacle that anyone faces while staring at a blank screen is creating a happy medium between content that ...

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Michael Jordan Advertising Genius Does It Again

Michael Jordan knows advertising. Jordan is an advertising bull, and in his latest collaboration with Gatorade, he plays off the unifying factor in all physical activity; sweat. Titled “We Love Sweat”, Jordan does a mesmerizing voiceover claiming, “Not all sweat is created equal”. By speaking to the level of dedication required to perfect your craft, Jordan masterfully and indirectly issues a challenge to make every drop of sweat count. “Sweat lost, is strength gained”, ...

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Creating Viral Content With YouTube Video Categories

Experts say that a successful viral video content strategy makes clever use of the YouTube video categories list. But where exactly is this coveted YouTube video categories list outside of the upload area around info and settings.

Go Viral With Less

YouTube uses 15 video categories to serve video content uploaded at a rate of 300 hours per second. Currently, YouTube no longer allows a user to filter search content by category. The advantage to sorting by video category was the search ...

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going viral

Going Viral on Twitter

Let’s face it, if you create content for the Internet you’re secret untold desire was that it went viral. That’s because going viral is the ultimate goal of anyone wanting to get noticed. Phenomena like Psy’s Gangnam style (which recently hit over 2 billion views) or any of the many crazy/cute pet videos have made millions by going viral. When content goes viral it quickly circles the globe crossing all cultural practice and borders.

The thought of viral content immediately brings ...

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